Welcome to CPR Arabia. The premier and leading CPR and First Aid training organisation in the Middle East. Educating people in the basic skill to sustain life in the unlikely event of a medical emergency.

CPR Arabia excessively deliver the Emergency First Response curriculum which is one of the foremost CPR and first aid organisations in the world. With award-winning material and a simplified approach to training, Emergency First Response makes CPR and first aid easy to learn, giving you the confidence you need to respond in a medical emergency.

Our team of highly experienced Emergency First Response Instructors, having both medical and corporate experience in addition to many years within the region to ensure effective delivery and cultural understanding.

CPR Arabia serves the entire Middle East region (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon) and beyond.

On flipbook`s canvas, students can draw freehand, insert different shapes, include a photo and then assignment helper draw on check the reference top of it or label parts of it with text, as well as combine multiple pictures to make an interesting animation