The Little-Known Secrets To Internet gamblers are wealthy and wise

Internet gambling might be legalized, because a recent survey revealed that most online gamblers are affluent and educated. The Washington D.C casino groups have requested a study on Internet gambling to the American Gaming Association now that Great Britain and other countries have legalized online gambling.

The AGA president, Frank Fahrenkopf Jr. said that because the regulators were against legalizing online gambling, so was the group. He considers the fact that Great Britain has legalized gambling as a reason for the Congress to take another look at online gambling.

Frank also said that the survey proved that the people’s ideas about online gambling were wrong. Most people believe that only the persons who can least afford it gamble online, but that is untrue.

Peter D. Hart from the Research Associates Inc. conducted the survey on 552 Internet gamblers, and it revealed that 41% of them make more than $75,000 a year, while only 12% make less than $35,000.

Most of the gamblers were men under the age of 40 who started to gamble online less than two years ago. 61% have a college diploma and almost half of those said that they chose this type of gambling because is more convenient.

Fifty-five percent believed that the online companies cheat and fewer than one in five admitted they knew that online gambling was illegal in the States. The survey revealed on other subjects:

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