Manual Handeling

The Emergency First Response Manual Handling programme is intended to provide participants with an understanding of how to safely handle loads. It covers practical aspects of lifting, lowering, carrying, pushing and pulling loads. It also provides information on the human spinal system, risk assessment, the legal responsibility of employers to their employees and techniques for the prevention of accidents. The course involves knowledge development, and a series of practical exercises, followed by scenarios that allow the students to put their skills into practise.

With back injuries the cause of the majority of absenteeism within the workplace, this programme will not only provide you a safer working practices for your employees but a could save you money and time too!

Knowledge and Skill Development covers:

  1. Course Introduction
  2. Definitions and Explanations
  3. Your Back
  4. Common Injuries
  5. The Law and Manual Handling
  6. Handling Objects
  7. Lifting Boxes (practical)
  8. Lifting Sacks (practical)
  9. Pushing and Pulling techniques (practical)
  10. Handling Unusually Shaped Object (practical)
  11. Teamwork (practical)
  12. Guidelines for Manual Handling
  13. Risk Assessment
  14. Additions Factors In the Event of an Accident

Scenario Practise covers:

This Scenario Practise portion will be customised to include specific and common situations encountered in your organisation.

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